President’s Award

President's Award

Please include a short vita, which includes LDA and community involvement, and a letter of recommendation describing why this person has been selected to receive this award. Award winners and persons making the nominations will be interviewed for an article on our award winners to be included in the fall issue of LDA/IL’s newsletter, Scope. Please include the following information: • Why does LDA/IL present this award? • What is special about this person? What qualifies this person to win this award? • LDA/community involvement: What, with whom, approximately when, why the nominee got involved. • A short story about the person being recognized. (Be descriptive: e.g., “I remember when...” “(S)he’ll never be forgotten because...” etc. • Names and telephone numbers of people who also can relay stories or, better yet, could write about the person selected.
  • Max. file size: 5 MB.
    Following the conference, send nomination form, short vita, and letter of recommendation to Newsletter Editor.